We are proud to announce that we have started carrying delicious cupcakes at our restaurant thanks to Saweet Cupcakes! We love that they keep it simple - by using natural, high quality ingredients and baking the cupcakes daily. You won't find lard or shortening in their bakery!

They carry your well-known flavors such as homemade vanilla, peanut-butter chocolate, strawberry delight, and red velvet. The ones we crave have fillings and are absolutely gorgeous to look at with flavors like tiramisu, cherry cheesecake, chocolate turtle, and the all new Chocolate Candy-Bar! They are located just a mile away from us - 16652 San Pedro Ave (281 & Thousand Oaks).

"Stop in anytime and pick up cupcakes! They are made in small batches throughout the day, frosted and ready to go already when you walk in. We have to-go containers in all sizes to make transportation easy for you. Our cupcakes start at $2.75 a piece, and its totally worth it! These aren't your momma's boxed cupcakes;) Come try for yourself!"

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"Food, taken to support life - Wine, taken to enrichen life - Food and Wine, taken to fulfill life"

- John Kenneth Galbraith

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