Cheers to Good Company!

It was a natural pairing, bringing the freshest handmade pizza featured at Stout's Kitchens together with one of the area's favorite locally crafted beers!

Stout's Pizza Co. is bringing quality, hand-crafted beer to the table with New Braunfels based Guadalupe Brewing Company.

A popular choice, the Honey Ale, is available for those who like to taste the honey in their beer but not drown in it. Delighting palates with just the perfect blend, this craft beer is one that pairs perfectly with a hand-tossed, made-to-order pie, fresh out of the oven.

Do you prefer a hearty Stout? No worries. They've got you covered! The Guadalupe Brewing Company offers a one-of-kind tasting Stout. It's great with one of Stout's Pizza Co. mouth-watering calzones.

Plans to open the Guadalupe Brewing Company began in 2009, and after the owners/brewers graduated from the Siebel Institute in brewing science, they opened their doors in 2012.

The crew at Guadalupe Brewing Company is passionate in their pursuit of crafting the best beers. Trying and testing all sorts of combinations has led to an impressive list of popular brews.

Just like Stout's, they love what they do, and the proof is in the glass.

If you haven’t already, plan a trip today to visit Stout’s Pizza Co. in San Antonio or New Braunfels. Treat yourself to an amazing pizza and delight your taste buds with a nice, cold glass of beer.

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"Food, taken to support life - Wine, taken to enrichen life - Food and Wine, taken to fulfill life"

- John Kenneth Galbraith

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