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We know that not everyone is able to enjoy our dough made daily from the highest quality flour and olive oil, so in order to cater to the needs of all of our customers, we have decided to carry a gluten-free option.  Smart Flour Foods out of Austin, Texas has the same standards we set for ourselves - with the best ingredients and great taste we want everyone to experience with our pizza. 

Founded in 2005, Smart Flour Foods offers the highest quality flour-based foods that do not have wheat or gluten. Their company believes in the use of Ancient Grains as the base of all of their products which meet or exceed the nutritional components of conventional enriched wheat products. They have created a proprietary blend of Ancient Grain flour called Smart Flour™. It is versatile, easy to use and has great flavor for all your baking desires.

Smart Flour is a unique gluten free flour blend created by Smart Flour Foods. It is more nutritious than traditional gluten free flour combinations and brings great flavor and texture to their pizza crust. This flour blend has an enhanced nutritional profile, including more minerals, vitamins, and fiber, because of its use of ancient grains.

(see Smart Flour Foods for more information on ancient grains, and gluten-free grains)

Don’t miss the opportunity to combine great food, wine, and views. Find personal sized pizzas, paninis, salads, pasta, and cheese plates at our Fredericksburg loction.

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"Food, taken to support life - Wine, taken to enrichen life - Food and Wine, taken to fulfill life"

- John Kenneth Galbraith

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